daniel eatock ...personal fingerprint/narrative self portrait idea

jen stark.

self portrait based on artist Archimbaldo, 4th/5th grade, 3 descriptive words and 3 symbols

Self Portrait http://hovany.wordpress.com/

I am in love with this project! Would love to do on first day of school OR with my fifth graders at the end of the year..who are you as you leave for middle school and who do u hope to be...mind is turning...

Whether it is paint, oil pastel, crayon, or anything else you could think of (yarn, paper, sequins...), 8th grade students are showing what they know about value through the process of making portraits.

paper collage self portrait

Self portrait lesson using descriptive words.

Google Image Result for http://www.artacademy.edu/assets/images/Admissions/art-card/eve%2520caldwell_0001.jpg


NCHS Art - Elmore: Art Intro - Symbolic Self-Portrait

cheryl sorg - thumbprint portrait....awesome twist on self portraits. have kids stamp their thumb print in ink, have them draw out the pattern, have them write words describing themselves, books they like, music they love along the patterns of their print

Upper School Art (Grades 7-12): Grade 8 monochromatic cropped self portraits

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Using an ink pad make a print of your thumb in the center of a white page. Enlarge this thumb print on a photocopier to match the approximate size of your face. Place a thin sheet of copy paper over the photocopied enlargement of your thumb print and secure it in place with tape or paperclips. Starting anywhere you wish and using a black ink pen and your natural/everyday handwriting, compose a text about yourself following the contour lines of your thumb print as a guide. Use a light box or ...

Soulful Songs. by Kelsey Rousseau, is "a typographical self-portrait. It was a class project. All the text is lyrics that I feel describe my life, how I feel, and things that describe who I am as a person. I won a Gold Addy in the local Addy competition and a Silver Addy in the District Addy competition."

Art class inspiration: Identity. would switch this up to put Bible verses and sayings to remind us of our identity in Christ.

mixed media art = torn newspaper bknd, draw portrait on top, add more collage for hair

tessalation design with personal profile

Short Stories: Thumbprint Portrait | seems that this could be a way for some people to tell their stories, post-trauma or even as a general narrative about one's life.

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