THIS is what a shipping container house looks like, when dolled up. You can do less windows of course and you can do it in all different ways. They're really gorgeous. Economically friendly, a self sustaining lifestyle. Nick's ideas are amazing, as long as we can follow through.

Shipping container home

Shipping Container Home

Container house

Shipping container house floor plan. I love this, especially the courtyard in the center. It would make a great place for a vegetable garden. And I love that all the bedrooms are on the same side of the house, although I'd make the front bedroom bigger.

[ shipping container home ]

no comment .. just wallet.NOW

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shipping container mansion.

A floor plan for a house made from shipping containers.


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Shipping Container House.

Shipping Container Home

shipping container house.

Parking-balcony-view-cantaleiver-shipping container IN THE BOX : Container House in Poland (Bielsko-Biała) Conceptual project based on the two types of sea containers. Two floors connected interior staircase.

Shipping Container House

Shipping container house