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    9 Foods that Cause Inflammation and 9 Ways to Fight it

    A hot bath prepared with a cup of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a cup of Epsom salts will draw toxins out through the skin and help accelerate the cleansing process. This can also help relieve joint pain as well as skin conditions like eczema and acne.

    I have only used bottled water for over 20 years. 5 ways to DETOX from Fluoride.

    How to Detox Your Home Naturally, 7 Ways: 1} Bamboo (charcoal, briquette form type) 2} A Salt Crystal Lamp (helps neutralize pollutants & toxins/eliminate floating dust) 3} Cinnamon (try real ones; reduce fatigue, makes u happier, increase attention span/simmer in water/etc) 4} 100% Natural Beeswax Candles (produces negative ions) 5} A Cactus (place near monitor; counters electromagnetic pollution/radition) 6} Water Fountain (wash away airborne germs; work as well as HEPA filter) 7} House Plants

    5 detox smoothies to shed belly weight and keep you healthy

    7 Ways to Supercharge Your Immune System

    8 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body No fad retreats or spas. These easy ways to recuperate from 2011 will make 2012 the best (and healthiest) year ever.

    Inflammation is the precursor to many illnesses. Try some of these great anti-inflammatory choices.