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I found two ceramic zebras at a flea market. I adore them but I would kill for a herd of Arabia Zebras. Okay, I would kill for just one.

Yumbrella Bowls by Benjamin Hubert: Ceramic fruit bowl and banana tree.

Coat Hanger Paper Clips

Whale tissue holder, $25

Kitty Egg Upcycled Crayons. Perfect for Easter baskets!

For eating rabbit food.


Sushi Post it!

I went through an owl phase I'm not totally over. I think I might have to invite these guys over for tea.

If I had a child, I would give them this set. Then we would sit down and have tea and cookies together.

I'm a little over the mustache motif but something about the combination of this smiley stash and the shape/color of this mug works. I'd fill this with tea anytime!

Such a cute way to pour some milk in your tea!

Animal Friends Mug Spoon Set

Astronaut teapot and cup

Mimi Teapot by Paola C.

Its so cute!!!

I made some of these at home xD


its a mouse!

Baby Monkey