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sifting screen

Topaz - Utah

chunky arkansas crystals used as planting pots

Aqua Aura Kianita & Sunshine Aura Quartz is formed in nature by the bonding of natural clear quartz with infusion of gold and platinum

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone from Mud Tank in the Northern Territory, Australia

Gorgeous rock decor

Open to all to hunt for fossils: Peace River, Venice Beach, Fernandina Beach. Since they are public lands, you would be required to get a permit from Florida.

How To Make A Screen Box For Rockhounding

TURRITELLA agate | Wyoming cabochon of turritella agate, from Wyoming. This ancient fossilized material has bunches of of turritella shells, from which it takes its name. The many white shells make a nice backdrop for the one large shell showing cells filled with pale bluish agate, as well as a pair of open druzy pockets adding sparkle.

Fossilized Coral. Withlacoochee River, GA

Sphalerite. Elmwood Mine, Smith County, TN

Smoky quartz on petrified wood. Brilliant, AL

Worm Fossil. TN

Whale Ear Bones. SC

Platystrophia Ponderosa. Elk Creek, KY

Purple Flourite, Elmwood Mine, Smith County, TN

orange calcite, Elmwood Mine. Smith County, TN

Mineral Name Cards for Showcase

You Rock Letterpress Print

Fossil Records of 50 States www.fossilsites.c...

Gold (spinel-twinned) - Mockingbird Mine, Whitlock, Mariposa Co., California, USA

Lortone slab saw $1,195

Dowel Rods for dop sticks