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    Sergeant Niemelä with his submachine gun men. Rytynoja, July 21, 1941.

    American cartridge box with two original cartridges, circa 1775. Buff leather strap.

    During World War II, before James Arness portrayed U.S. mar-shall Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke, he was the first American soldier to jump off his boat at the Anzio beachhead. He was ordered to do so by his commanding officer because, standing at 6’8", Arness was the tallest man in his company, and the water’s depth needed to be tested as a safety precaution.

    English wooden bucket for cannon balls. 19th century.

    Abraham Lincoln vs. the haters: | The 25 Smartest Comebacks Of All Time

    Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy Weird it coincidence that I tried to re-pin this TWICE and it wouldn't work? hmmm.....:)

    William F. Cody's Chair with Buffalo Head Motif

    William F. Cody at the Home of W.A. Scott, Eugene, Oregon, 1915

    about 1870 San Antonio, Texas. Zane Grey's novel, The Trail Driver (1931). Heros: Texas Joe Shipman (trail boss), Adam Brite (owner). Story took place in 1871.

    Alphonso Steele ... the last surviving active combatant on the San Jacinto Battlefield. He received a head wound that caused bouts of temporary blindness. He died in Mexia in1911.

    Teddy Roosevelt's horse Little Texas led the charge up San Juan Hill during the 1898 Spanish American War

    Women in the Civil War

    Leroy Hermance served in the 67th and 188th New York Volunteers. He wears the rare and unofficial color bearer insignia above his sergeant's stripes. Hermance attended the 50th reunion at Gettysburg in 1913 and fell from the train returning to his home, resulting in his death.

    George Washington. It is wonderful to read the words of the founding fathers. It is as if they are making the truth known today to save our Republic!

    Federal officers in front of a home in Atlanta, Georgia during the Civil War.

    Home of Blackbeard the Pirate - Bath, North Carolina - he had struck a deal with the Governor and had supposedly given up piracy.

    American History: The First Ladies of the United States, Classroom Poster.

    Buffalo kill in America. 1800s. military commanders were ordering their troops to kill buffalo — not for food, but to deny native Americans their own source of food and push them into reservation life. Where millions of buffalo once roamed, only a few thousand animals remained.---This makes me sick

    I support our troops and their families.

    President Lincoln’s Inaugural Ball Invitation, 1865 via Evelyn Spencer Museum of American History, Smithsonian

    the National Museum of American History has re-opened and is featuring on display a suit and top hat owned and worn by our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

    Most decorated Veteran of WWII. If you haven't seen "To Hell and Back: The story of Audie Murphy" do it. Amazing what this kid did, and he played himself in the film.

    Iwo Jima One can only imagine what the toll was on marine lives to reach the top of that hill...

    Before they were Presidents: George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush sporting Yale sweaters.

    I would so hang this print of JFK, in a heavy gold frame, somewhere.