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  • Mary Hartsock

    Ross and Rachel- THE KISS!

  • Jo Rachelle

    Ross and Rachel. Friends.

  • Leah McIntire

    Ross and Rachel epic tv couple!

  • Amanda Beatty

    I was sitting in my dorm room with about 12other girls waiting in agony for this kiss to happen. We all vowed that if it didn't...we would never watch "Friends" glad it did! So many great memories of "Must See TV" Thursday nights in the dorm :)

  • Brittany Andrus

    Ross and Rachel. One of my favorite scenes in TV!!

  • JereBeth


  • Jil Rohrbach

    Ross and Rachel. Their first kiss season 2.

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"This is it. Unless we're on a break."

Ross Gellar and Rachel Green Friends Despite all their ups and downs, significant others, apartment shifts, and hairdos, Ross (David Schwimmer) has been in love with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) since Day one. Some, more romantically inclined than I, would say that it was important for them to have been friends before they were lovers. I just say they were stalling the inevitable. (Although, if they shacked up early, she never would've tolerated Ross' monkey.) —Marc Bernardin

Ross: God, that is the most beautiful engagement ring ever! Rachel: Yeah? Well you should know. You've only boughten like a billion of 'em. Ross: Yeah, you didn't get one. Friends TV show quotes

love this scene from Friends. Rachel and Ross were this when they lock Emma inside the apt. and have no key!!

The best thing about Ross and Rachel is that they got each other. | Why You'll Never Really Get Over Ross And Rachel

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