home made bubble wands - what a GREAT idea - great toddler gift (3+)

DIY bubble wand craft from Tutus and Tea Parties cute little craft idea for the guests to do. Just put bowls of colorful beads on the tables and small mason jars of bubbles that they can take home

bird feeder for winter

Make Beaded Bubble Wands

this would be fun to do with all the cards my daughter can never throw away

75 fun things to do with the kids in the summer.

DIY Bubble Wands

Enchanted Bubble Blowing Wands Tutorial ~ These enchanted bubble blowers are lovely as gifts, wedding favors, birthday party favors, package decorations, and more. They’re easy to make – first you create a wire bubble wand, and then add beads or whatever magical embellishment you wish. How To @: http://jewelrymakingjournal.com/enchanted-bubble-blowing-wands-tutorial/

Next winter, if your area is below 32°, go outside and blow "ice bubbles" The kids will never forget it!! Will have to remember to do this!!

Bubble Wand Sets (wands inspired by 'thiscosylifeblog.blogspot.com')

The World’s Greatest Homemade Bubbles Recipe | The Motherload

How to make your own giant bubbles - bubble recipe

Summer fun! diy bubbles solution and Magical Bubbles Wand - this wand was so easy to make and the kids LOVED it!

recipes to make lots of homemade art supplies

industrial unpoppable bubbles - Google Search

Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe

TIP: chenille bubble blowers make bigger bubbles....really?! must try!

diy bubble wands

Make Beaded Bubble Wands

Share, Discover, Inspire: Wire-wrapped bubble wands

Homemade Bubble Wands