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Green Amethyst

Tourmaline Crystal.Que viva el color!!@Ana Victoria Lagos @Patricia Gallardo @Paty Mena


Amethyst Phantom

Amethyst from Africa.

Worlds Biggest Amethyst Geode – The ‘empress Of Uruguay’

Titanium Rainbow Flame Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster

9.5 inch tall amethyst stalactite, Uruguay. Contact: alanpjb@aol.com



amethyst crystals in agate geode

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Quartz (Amethyst) 'hour glass'

Amethyst A Passion for Purple

8.7 " Carved Agate and Amethyst Geode Horse Head Sculpture. Stone origin : Brazil. Via rikoo.com ( right side )


Cactus Amethyst

Ice Crystals.


Amethyst is a gemstone often worn by healers, as it has the power to focus energy. Amethyst is used for problems in the blood and in breathing problems. Amethyst crystal clusters are used to keep the air and life force in the home clean and positive. Place Amethyst clusters, points or several tumbled Amethysts in moonlight and everyone in the home will be feeling calmer. Using an Amethyst as a meditation focus will increase the positive spiritual feelings.