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  • Jessica Sorrow

    swiss earth home | The Swiss Earth Houses surround a "wet courtyard." Photo via Gizmag.

  • Christy Roberts

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  • WhoLoves

    13 Hobbit Houses. You Won’t Believe That People Actually Live In. - Earth Houses in Switzerland ♒ ♒ #Architecture

  • Kajal Jagatsing

    Switzerland. Swiss architecture firm Vetsch Architektur has built real life Hobbit Homes in Dietikon, Switzerland, which they refer to as the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse. Contrasting to the conventional single houses, the estate features free agricultural land towards the south of the lot with a small artificial lake towards the front. Apart from gifting much needed greenery to the estate, the agricultural land also allows the homeowners to cultivate fruits, vegetable and herbs organically.

  • Alexandra Hufflepuff

    Underground Homes. The shire?

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"Eco-Retro Earth House Designs" - more funky underground homes.

Hobbit house window. Rectangular openable section within fixed round panes. Much easier fixture than trying to make the whole round pane open.

Most Earth Ships have areas for gardening and sustainability so that at least some of the food for the household comes directly from inside the house itself! One I saw even had a pool with sustainably reproducing fish in it, so the family could eat fish from their pool and as long as they didn't over-fish, they would repopulate themselves! That is so powerful to me, because it is true freedom and independence!

Inside an Earthship - YouTube Good info on different stages of water use - rain, filtered, grey, black

Modern Villa Built Inside a Mountain

i love the how low maintenance this looks yet so beautiful, just like me... lol :)

Earth-sheltered homes can be tailored to a wide range of climates and a variety of types of building sites – even flat ones. Combined with passive solar design, an earth-sheltered home can save tens of thousands of dollars in fuel bills over a lifetime.

Love! This little earth house could fit anywhere. How could neighbors complain!

somers-arch: larameeee: Switzerland (via TumbleOn )

"Built over the only thermal springs in the Graubunden Canton in Switzerland, The Therme Vals is a hotel and spa in one which combines a complete sensory experience designed by Peter Zumthor."