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    • Jessica Taylor

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    • Something Something

      13 Hobbit Houses. You Won’t Believe That People Actually Live In. | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design -Earth House, Switzerland

    • Kajal Jagatsing

      Switzerland. Swiss architecture firm Vetsch Architektur has built real life Hobbit Homes in Dietikon, Switzerland, which they refer to as the Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse. Contrasting to the conventional single houses, the estate features free agricultural land towards the south of the lot with a small artificial lake towards the front. Apart from gifting much needed greenery to the estate, the agricultural land also allows the homeowners to cultivate fruits, vegetable and herbs organically.


      Earth Homes on an Artificial Lake – By Vetsch Architecture

    • jeff

      whaaaa This Is The Hobbit in Real Life Casey Chan We've found the Shire and it exists in Switzerland. Just looking at these houses, built by Peter Vetsch, hidden in the Earth makes you think of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The Earth Houses are located in Dietikon, Switzerland and is deeply focused on being energy-efficient. Because the homes are built into the mounds of earth, they have natural insulation that "allows them to use only a third of the energy

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