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Aurora Race Set Sears 1972

Hot Wheels & Accessories in Sears Christmas Wish Book Catalog, 1971, by Wishbook, via Flickr. I had the hill racetrack on the bottom.

Johnny West / Marx Knights Sears 1972

Slot Cars Race Track Sets

Maybelline Lashes 1972

Remember these?!

Sears Goes Eastern Source: Ladies Home Journal, September 1972

Fisher Price Sesame Street Little People play set! I love that Mr. Hooper is in the store! 1970's toys at its best! (Not a direct link)

Vintage Mr. Potato Head from 1972 What was your favorite toy as a child? (© The Strong)

He-Man action figures & Castle Grayskull... still love he man, watch it with my kids b/c you know I had to buy it on dvd for them ;)

Best watch ever, I loved this watch but mine was silver.

Slot Cars

Creepy Crawlers. Nothing like letting a 6 year old buying a toy that makes molten plastic lava at a yard sale.

Are You There God, Its' Me, Margaret. by Judy Blume

Remember getting these for Christmas.

Vintage Waterful Ring Toss Water Game 1970's Toy - this provided many hours amusement on our caravan holidays

I hated this stupid book, but so glad I can play the piano today...

I loved this book.

Richie Rich Comics

Metal Pot Holder Loom ~ everyone we knew got "beautiful" potholders! They were great pot holders too!!