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Mariangela • 1 year ago

A PAIR OF ACHAEMENID GOLD EARRINGS CIRCA 5TH CENTURY B.C. Each constructed of gold sheet forming a large hollow hoop, rectangular in section, each corner bordered by a double row of granulation framing a thin plain wire, ornamented entirely on the sides and along the outer edge with six-petalled rosettes formed of small sheet disks, centered by a large concave disk, the plain ear wire hinged to both ends of the hoop Each: 1 15/16 in. (4.9 cm.) long

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Earring in the form of a three-lobed wineskin, 2nd century B.C.–2nd century A.D.; Parthian period Mesopotamia Gold #Iran #Iranian #Mesopotamia #Mesopotamian #Parthia #Parthian #Persia #Persian

Achaemenid Gold Censer, 5th-4th century B.C.E.


Gold Armlet With Pair Of Griffins -- 6th-5th Centuries BCE -- Iranian -- Achaemenid -- No further reference provided. #Iran #Iranian #Persia #Persian


Pair of spherical gold earrings, 4th or 5th century b.c.; gold and enamel.

Pair of earrings - Late 4th-early 5th century

A PAIR OF GREEK GOLD SPIRAL LION-HEAD EARRINGS HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA LATE 4TH CENTURY B.C.-3RD CENTURY B.C. Each with twisted tapering hoop, terminating in a lion's head emerging from a collar decorated with loop and scroll filigree; and another similar pair with loop emerging from lion's mouth ¾ in. (1.8 cm.) diam. max.

A pair of Hellenistic gold and garnet earrings Circa 2nd-1st Century B.C.

A PAIR OF ETRUSCAN GOLD HAIR COILS AND A FIBULA CIRCA MID 7TH CENTURY B.C. The hair coils each formed from a length of plain wire coiled into a spiral, each end split into two strips enclosing an undulating wire framed by twisted wire, terminating in triangular bosses framed by twisted wire; the fibula of sanguisuga form, with a hollow arched bow and long narrow catchplate, the pin coiled where it emerges from the bow Fibula: 1 5/8 in. (4.1 cm.) long

A PAIR OF GRAECO-ROMAN GOLD AND GARNET EARRINGS CIRCA 1ST CENTURY B.C.-3RD CENTURY A.D. Each composed of large hoop with a goat head terminal, with long twisted wire horns, a disc suspended below centred by a cabochon garnet surrounded by bands of twisted, plaited and plain wire, a pendant bird below, its wings, tail feathers, feet and eyes all with twisted wire decoration

A SYRIAN GOLD AND BANDED AGATE PENDANT CIRCA 1700 B.C. The oval agate bead with a pointed tip; threaded by a plain gold wire loop to a hemispherical cap of thin sheet gold embellished with three bands of double rows of granulation flanking a plain wire, looped to a ring of plain wire, its tapering ends overlapping and wrapped spirally around itself; joined to an ancient-style gold loop-in-loop chain 1 5/8 in. (4.1 cm.) long