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    This gave me an idea for one of my favorite quotes: Take a picture of hands in family and hang under the quote: "Un homme est qu'il a fait, par ses mains voyons sa coeur." ( A man is what he has done, by his hands we see his heart.) -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Fun learning idea (paint in a bag is good for drawing and practicing letters). Great idea for clean freak moms! LOVE this!

    I wish I had thought of this in 2nd grade! Puzzles with homophones...this teacher had a relay race with two puzzles. Fun!

    "I bought 10 cent yellow lense free glasses and have the first graders wear them as I read the mini posters. They go to writer's work shop wearing the glasses...I tell them the glasses are magic and will help them write better...they love to play and imagine being great authors...Thanks to the creator of Sailing Through First Grade...She is amazing!"

    This would be a great thing for my preschooler as well as a tactile way to study spelling for my oldest

    What to teach sight words in a hands-on, engaging way? We know skill and drill doesn't work...Try this freebie instead!

    Sight Word Practice! Sight word word search, trace the sight word and read a simple sight word sentence!

    learning to read- kinesthetic learning

    Awesome blog with practice ideas for sight words! Including a sight word song to the tune of BINGO!

    I wish the subhead were in a different color (I have trouble with blues/purples). Making your writing easy to read in a visual sense is important too! That said, I like what they wrote here: It's good advice. The "read aloud" test for good writing is an excellent one! (Or, in the case of writing headlines, do the "breath test." If you can't say it all in one breath: It's too long.).