Deer Leap swimming pool, Ringshall

sanatorium, Oise, France



10 Abandoned Art Deco Buildings of the World - This pool in France reminds me of the old YMCA in Columbus, Georgia...

Abandoned pool


Old abandoned pool

Abandoned pool

abandoned swimming pool

city baths durham abandoned Britains 10 Most Beautiful Abandoned Swimming Pools

Abandoned pool

Merle Spurrier Gymnasium Pool – University of Rochester, NY, USAAfter the swimming pool was closed down it became storage for dozens of chairs and desks alike.

Abandoned swimming pool

An abandoned swimming pool

The abandoned Kings Meadow swimming pool in Reading opened in 1903 as the Ladies Swimming Bath. It is believed to be the oldest surviving Edwardian outdoor municipal pool, and was constructed in response to a men-only pool – the largest in southern England when it was built in 1879.

Abandoned Swimming Pool

Urban explorer Jonathan Lin photographed this abandoned Art Deco house, utterly tumble-down with trees growing through its main structure, in an affluent suburb of Singapore. Built in the 1930s, the house is thought to have been derelict since the ’70s. Located at 25 Grange Road, the surrounding cluster of new-build, 21st century high-rise apartment buildings suggests the end is close for this grand old house that has thus far slipped through the demolition net.

abandoned pool

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