When I can't sleep, I drink hot cocoa. Or gin, if I'm out of cocoa. I'm out of cocoa a lot. LOLOL

haha. true? @Ashley Rodriguez

@Ashley Rodriguez

I will have to keep this for the future.

Мода 40-50-х годов на фото Нины Лин. Продолжение / мода 50 60 годов

Yes that would be nice..hopefully one of them would not want to mess things up again though ;)

I do believe I'm wasted - vintage retro funny quote

Happy Birthday Day Jane, haha!❤️

LOL, this is so me! Funny Female General (& Family) Birthday Girly Stuff Personalised Cards Retro Rhetoric

Picture of I don`t have Tourette`s You`re just a cunt

@Ashley Rodriguez

haha. @Ashley Rodriguez

@Julie Hubbard .....

@Julie Hubbard HAHA

You are the Gin to My Tonic Quote Wall Art ~<3 So Cute!

you ever feel like this? @Ashley Rodriguez

apparently I'm not the only one who has this problem! @Ashley Rodriguez

So true

It's true.

this is very true with me

Alcohol lies