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Cuando algo no va tan bien, simplemente grita, cambia el rumbo de la historia, y muevete! ;)

Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "Plot twist!" and move on. I'm gonna have to yell plot twist a few times a day then


Mental Health: Introverts - Gains Energy and Renewal from Time Spent Alone - Majority of People are Introverted vs Extroverted - 27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand - Article provides Humored Truths for Many - A little Balance is Key though.

Curly Hair Problems

The actual struggle of having curly hair. My hair knows when it's going to rain so that day hair goes in a bun,lol. But I still love my curls :)

Pretty much sums up the way I feel usually. Haha

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Not always "uncomfortable" can sometimes be just not interested.

Oh, I don't hate you. I'm just extremely uncomfortable in any kind of social situation. People I go to school with, take notes.

Kat - Yes. Yes. Yes!

Curvy Actress Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls cracks the curvy girl quote of the day, “I tried being anorexic for four hours and then I was like, I need some bagels.

Be coffee! Lol

Ways to win my heart . Buy me coffee Make me coffee Be coffee / Coffee Shop Stuff