Australia created world's largest network of marine reserves. Happy sharks= #FinSanity

Cook Islands create the world's largest shark sanctuary

....I might be a marine science nerd when I see this and get excited haha

Marine Science Center lion fish

The reality of ‘Finding Nemo’s’ marine life - The Washington Post

Pot-bellied Seahorse - This species is native to Australia and New Zealand and is one of the largest of the 47 known species of seahorses, with a length of up to 35 cm.

Pteropod mollusk Sea angel or Clione limacina hunting by Alexander Semenov #Photography #Marine_Biology #Alexander_Semenov

Marine Science Today - Bottlenose Dolphin. :)

DUGONG <3 is a large marine mammal which lives in tropical waters off Australia and is a cousin to the Manatee which lives off the coast of Florida.

Choose My Major: Marine Science

Ringed pipefish | Distributed widely from the Red Sea, the Indo-Pacific, Australia and Micronesia the Ringed Pipefish is a member of the same family of creatures which includes pipefish and seahorses

Sea Anemone IShot this at low tide on 'Hidden Beach' in Monterey California.)

(Southern right whale with calf. Credit: John Atkinson. Via Marine Science Today.)

Giant Clam: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Dancing Stingray Pup by Changboo: Shot at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport Oregon. Music by Kevin MacLeod. #Stingray


Humpback whales

Cuttlefish - did not know they are purple. I watched an hour long documentary on the cuttlefish on youtube and it was 100% entertaining i highly recommend it.

Jellyfish from the Coral Sea of Australia.

Australia - The Great Barrier and the Coral Sea

Garibaldi and sea urchin