The Steam Man was created in 1868 by famed inventor John Brainerd. As the world's first robot, its significance cannot be overestimated.

45 ton mechanical Elephant created, in France, from junk.


The Electric Man


Alexander Calder performing his Circus. via klt's

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Victorian Era Toy Hot Air Balloon

Monster from Alien movies spotted in a gargoyle on the side of a 13th century Scottish Abbey | Daily Mail Online

Victorian carriage

Bearded Robot - 1909

Automaton Smoking Monkey By Roullet & Decamps of Paris, circa 1890


*Steam of Consciousness, A Steam-Powered Kinetic Skull Sculpture -

Space villainess

Jean Tinguely.

Bliss Kolb - Duck Wing

Meet Freddie Ford, a robot made mostly of the component parts of Ford cars, in order to appear at Trade shows.

The advent of the mechanical man. 1890-1920

Vintage robot and lady.

French street theater Royal de Luxe. Mechanical marionette Elephant! Amazing!