The Steam Man was created in 1868 by famed inventor John Brainerd. As the world's first robot, its significance cannot be overestimated.

45 ton mechanical Elephant created, in France, from junk.

This 1880 magnificent non-steam-driven telescoping india-rubber screw, designed for the non-swimming beach-goer who wanted to get into the surf. The whole was supposed to be waterproof, so that the wearer could put it on over evening clothing (as is the case in this illustration) and enjoy a spin in the surf before contemplating other Victorian nighttime gaities.

bicycling, circa 1890s

The Electric Man

Vintage Circus Poster


Zadock Deddrick of Newark, New Jersey, patents a steam-powered man in 1868.

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Bearded Robot - 1909 – Occultus / Barbarossa

10 inventors killed by their own inventions. Interesting.



What a fantastic robot design this is! From the Fritz Lang film, "Metropolis" a favourite of ours. Designed in the mid 1920s.

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Meet Freddie Ford, a robot made mostly of the component parts of Ford cars, in order to appear at Trade shows.


French street theater Royal de Luxe. Mechanical marionette Elephant! Amazing!

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McQueen Steam, created by fumichan on Polyvore