cute way to display student work

displaying students work

Very cool way to display student work!!

Such a cute way to display student work. Looks great even when no work is displayed!

cute way to display this

Nifty idea with pegs

Easy way to do daily graph- clothespins clipped on numbered yes/no. Dry erase.

Chalkboard Clothespins to display student work


Keep a portfolio of student work over the year...great way for students to show progress for student led conferences and display work.

This lovely display uses a chalkboard theme with green ribbon to showcase student work. :) pinned by Jodi from The Clutter-Free Classroom

This is a great way to display student work and utilize the dead space of a window...hang a curtain rod in the window and viola!

Bulletin Board to Display student work

hot glue tacks to clothes pins, hanging classroom work has never been so easy!

Poster display for classroom expectations/community building $

This is a magnet for parents to put their child's work up on the fridge. The poem says: I made this special magnet on the very first day so that my first grade work will always be on display

Have your **STAR** student of the week fill out this pennant to display in your classroom! I plan on copying this on card stock for parents/students to fill out and then hang up as a banner in my classroom. You can print this pennant on 8.5x11 paper.

Printable Chart for display or project for students allowing a visual of what months are in what seasons. An arrow moves to show not only what month you are in but also what season. Printable pages come in color for quick assembly or black and white to allow students to color and decorate themselves.

Super easy print and display Common Core Standards Posters. Made by Jason's Online Classroom. This one shows Kindergarten but he has grades K-6 posters and 10 different title slides to choose from. Click the picture to check it out. $$

chalkboard clothes pins....great for displaying student work

Earth Day Door Display and Bulletin Board Idea