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Into the Sea

Nothing is more calming than listening to ocean waves. Chill out and relax with this dainty tattoo! Sheet Size: .5" x 2.5" Lasts 5-7 days even with swimming and bathing! Easy to put on and easy to remove! Skin safe ingredients  

fuckyeahtattoos: Heart beat and waves. I swim and love the water. It simply makes my heart happy. Done by Shane Baker at Powerline Tattoo in Cranston RI.

TatRingfrom TatRing

How to Get a Tattoo and Stop the Pain. Tattoo Numbing Cream and Dr Numb

I would like to have a starfish and sea shell tattoo to symbolize my love for the beach. I love this. It would have to be large to show detail

baby lotus....this Is super cute I'm always afraid to get a tattoo cause I change my mind about what I like too much. But I think I could live with and love this itty bitty cute foot one! ;)

"Live Life Like a Wave"... life is like a wave, you can’t change the way it breaks, just the way you ride it.

Wave tattoo on the side of foot... With the words...let it go. Definitely my next tattoo!


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Love the placement of this!different tattoo idea though... Best Foot Tattoo Designs – Our Top 10