"qu" song & video

QU song

Look Song

Continents song- some of my 2nd graders were singing a version of this for me the other day.

The Pronoun Song, to the tune of the Sponge Bob theme song, print for free

great video

They Might Be Giants - QU


"ing" song & video

Handwriting Without Tears' YouTube channel. Lots of songs and videos for learning along with the program! handwritingwotears

Sh digraph video

Highly entertaining Vowel Team song! Children will have a blast learning the sounds of vowel pairs ea, ai, oa, ay!

digraph songs!

List of over 200 titles of children's picture books on video at Discovery Education

Color Yellow Song

The Thermometer Song (song for kids about temperature)

Positional words song--cute!

writing number song

Cute cute video!

Beginning Digraph CH , Consonant Digraph ch

School Videos & Songs