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  • Maria Christina

    Flying Squirrel

  • James Banton

    BASE jumpers use a parachute to jump from a fixed position. There are 4 categories of fixed objects that count (if you jump from them), whose acronym forms the name BASE: Building Antenna (an uninhabited tower such as an aerial mast), Span (a bridge, arch or dome), Earth (a cliff or other natural formation). There is no reserve parachute as there would be no time to use it.

  • Bob McGrath

    Near the top of my bucket list!! Squirrel Suit skydiving - lets you glide longer distances. Ever see the video of the guy gliding feet off a mountain ridge? Way cool!

  • shelly evans

    Where do I sign up! base jumping: i wanna try this so bad.... what an adrenaline rush!!!

  • Brian Jaggers

    Wingsuit Flying

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