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Joe Manganiello (Lisette Lipscomb, why do you show me such things when I'm at work trying to concentrate?!)

Joe Manganiello - he should be illegal!

Joe Manganiello has the hottest hair (and body) in Hollywood

Joe Manganiello..why is this man so handsome!?!! I'm in love!!

Not usually a fan of muscle-bound dudes. But I have to admit, this is seriously hot. || Joe Manganiello by Patrick Giardino

Joe Manganiello...I would love to say something clever, but I lose all capacity for thought when I see him :)

ANOTHER SHIRTLESS SHOT photo | Joe Manganiello...b/c you can't have too many

Joe Manganiello. Thank you cast director of True Blood, for blessing our eyes with so many delights!

Please excuse me while I fall out of my chair and die...