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A 1969 cover from The Intercommunal News Service. From David Hilliard‘s, The Black Panther: Intercommunal News Service 1967-1980. Atria Books, 2007

Rob Kirkpatrick's 1969: The Year Everything Changed examines a pivotal time in American history.

Woodstock Aug.1969-my mother was about 5 months pregnant with me when she went! The fruit doesnt fall far from the they say

New York "Daily News" headline with Joe Namath photo, January 13, 1969

Woodstock, 1969. oh to have been there!

hippie van my son is restoring a van just like this (called Bonny Blue) ....this might be it !

60s black mini skirt and waistcoat with white balloon sleeve blouse. Originally appeared in Life Magazine, location New York, 1969

Dancing is all about feeling free... Only those who have freedom in their soul can experience the joy of dancing with wanton abandon... Only a dancer will fall in love with each note. Only a dancer understands elation...

High school fashions in 1969. FYI, I went to 3 high schools, & only the last one allowed girls to wear pants to school...bummer in winter!