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Antique Jack in the Box Toy. Not in working condi

A Noah's Ark, from the 1830s. The ark and the animals are made from wood.

Antique "Jack in the Box"...Black Americana,

Dress-19th century, Egyptian, cotton, metal

The shoemaker (late 19th century). Jan Matzeliger, born in 1852, immigrated to the US "at age 18 and went to work in a shoe factory in Philadelphia. Shoes then were hand made, a slow tedious process. Jan Matzeliger helped revolutionize the shoe industry by developing a shoe lasting machine that would attach the sole to the shoe in one minute."

vintage toy game metal playing toy JACKS and BALL SET jax I can remember playing jacks as a little girl. We liked golf balls better when we could get them.

Cracker Jacks --back when the prizes were really fun, and there were more than 3 peanuts in the box!

19th century Dutch toy horse