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Real love. Look at the happiness on Big Brother's face. I love it!

Oh my goodness, this is so freaking adorable. I'm sorry but I don't get people and their "two kids is good for me"........CANNOT wait for the future photo ops ;-)

I love the little girl's eye contact w/the camera and how tender she seems with the

Pink Sugar Photograph - SEE THIS WHOLE POST it's SO good!!! pinksugarphotogra...

Newborn & sibling photography inspiration | The Mombot

@Natalie Jost Farris you should do this!!! lol. thought of you and just figured out you can tag people. hahaha. char and grayson!

Heidi- did you know you're being pinned! look how little luke is! newborn, family... totally cozy

lifestyle newborn shoot with siblings-can't wait to do this in a couple weeks!

Yes, there are some great "all eyes forward, big smiles" shots... but THESE are the moments that mean the most. I want to be the kind of photographer that captures *this* moment, so it can be cherished forever.