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  • Nora Rodriguez

    A chocolate Corgador (Corgi and Lab). Another dog that looks like a puppy forever.

  • Debby Keith

    A chocolate Corgador (corgi lab mix) Lol this one is for you Debby

  • Samantha F

    chocolate corgador (corgi and lab mix) --- not a pet fan but something tells me i could own this precious little thing!

  • Ashley Nielsen

    A chocolate Corgador (Corgi and Labrador). Looks like a puppy forever.

  • Jamie McKay

    A chocolate Corgador (Corgi and Lab). FOREVER LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY! Shut up! I want one!!!!----wrong. my dog is a corgi chocolate lab mix. looks nothing like this

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Hudson, a Chocolate Corgador (Lab x Corgi) at 3 months, who likes to climb, even with those Corgi legs by corgiaddict. Thanks to @Jeanette Long! @ Elizabeth Silbermann @ Divya Silbermann (Bhaskaran)! #Corgador #Dogs #corgiaddict

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Chocolate Mini Labradoodle by Mountain Creek Labradoodles. Soooo cute!

Corgi Husky mix. Or the most perfect creature I have ever seen.

33 Photos of Corgi Butts via Elissa, also: "Corgi butts in Japan are called “momo” because they resemble peaches."

One Day I'll have another black lab puppy ♥ Til then my heart shall stay broken

black labs will always have my heart!

Silver lab. Often thought to be a mix of lab and Weimaraner, but true pups do exist and will darken as they get older. A true litter of silver labs often look striped like tabby cats when first born, but the stripes will disappear quickly. How cute, never met a lab I didnt like. :)

SO CUTE. I want one! :) here to find out more