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    • Lally Pegorini

      //"She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing 'yes' into the sky" -Anais Nin #black & white #photography

    • Roos Gast

      Sergio Larraín London, 1959 | Pinned on Photography Pinterest board Roos Gast | #fotografie #photography #foto #photo #birds

    • Laetitia Chapuis

      Henri Cartier-Bresson • #blackandwhite #photography #paris #sergiolarrain #vagabondages #birds #flying

    • Angie

      Sergio Larraín London, 1959 Black bird fly into the hear of night! A beautiful photo and a reminder that the birds are flying back for spring. A bird song in spring is ever so sweet.

    • Prolab Digital Imaging

      sergio larrain - Black and White Photography books of the year -

    • Poetry Never Dies

      Sergio Larrain, Trafalgar Square, 1959 #photography #photo #grey #bw #larrain #london #trafalgar #birds #girl #fly

    • Kate Tyler

      Black & White #birds #twitter #art #beautiful #photo #sinister

    • Stefanie Chew

      Birds flying high. Black and white photo by Sergio Larrain

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    They fly endlessly around me, Wings flutter in the breeze. Their presence soon surrounds me. I drown in open skies, As if I was in a sea. The noise gently fades, The image flys away. I open up my eyes, Knowing better days. Silhouettes flew past my eyes, Nostalgic as it was. These broken wings will fly, Fly they will because, The reason we all try; To find a better life. As they fly away, A graceful tune they sing, Their song with me they stay, What tomorrow brings: A brand new set of wings.


    Sabine Weiss - Vers la lumière, Paris, 1953

    This photo demonstrates the principle of emphasis through depth and perceptual forces through balance. The birds are the objects in focus, but your eye goes straight to the girl in the middle. Although there are more birds on the right side, the whole picture is still balanced asymmetrically and is pleasing to the eye.


    london, 1951 photo by henri cartier-bresson/

    Such a powerful photograph


    Bill Brandt



    "Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world" - Jim Carrey

    credit: norman parkinson.. love this angle, color, and carefree feeling I get from this image.

    ♥ Irradiated bird -

    London in Puddles by Gavin Hammond. S)

    Et quand tu n’es pas là- Je rêve que je dors- Je rêve que je rêve- Je te cherche par delà l’attente- Par delà moi-même- Et je ne sais plus- Tant je t’aime- Lequel de nous deux est absent. • Paul Eluard. Photo: Jenna Westra.

    #BwLovedByPascalRiben - ALL ANIMALS IN BLACK AND WHITE board: fog bridge birds black and white

    ♥ Dancer - Unknown Photographer

    A man gives a woman a helping hand as she takes a flying leap over a large puddle on the pavement, 1960. this is a young photo i like how the whole picture is black and white and the bus is retro and the clothes are retro. The couple is old but they look young inside