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    TJ Lubrano, her brush strockes are creative, whimsical and just Magical!

    • Anya Pham

      TJ Lubrano, her brush strokes are creative, whimsical and just Magical!

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    Inside the mind of a writer. A writer must write- it is that simple. It’s not something he or she wants to do, it something he or she must do because writing is an extension of their being. #TheIndieChicks #writer #motivation #support #brain #think

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    5 Ways to Break Through Stress! Our Co-Founder, Renee, helps you beat stress with some great tips. I can personally vouch for these and often utilize #1! #theindiechicks #stress #abetteryou #health #sanity

    yummy art from TJ Lubrano!

    Chapter Structure In Your Novel: Write A Novel They Won't Put Down. Have you ever been reading late at night and said to yourself, “I’ll just keep reading to the end of this chapter and then I’ll go to sleep”? How many times when you said that did you get to the end of that chapter and say to yourself, “OH MY GOODNESS! What happens next?” and kept reading anyway? That, my friends, is what we call good chapter structure and don’t you want good chapter structure in your novel as well?

    Cool and Creative Paper Made Musicians (6) 1

    7 Things No One Tells You about Being Confident. Everyone wants to know how to be more confident, right? You want the kind of confidence that makes you want to flash a smile in the mirror before walking out of the house. Confidence is a big deal. We push it through and through for our Indie Chicks and while there’s nothing wrong with a boost of it, there are a few things worth noting that no one tells you about being confident. #theindiechicks #confidence #badass #fearless #truth

    33 Ways to Stay Creative

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    Occupational Hazards

    Troublemaker: TJ Lubrano #blog #writing #disneyland Tahira Lubrano

    Foster's Exterior | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    installation by photographer Autumn de Wilde titled "Lighting, Layers and Reflections"

    Photography of a superb mural of Street Art in a building in the center of Copenhagen (Denmark). The fresco was made by the artist H.B. Mruta.

    Facebook Fouls

    shadow art

    11 Breeds of People – Which One Are You? Because, you see, there are different breeds of people. I’m not talking about black, brown, or beige; gay, whore, or sober; well bred, inbred, or savage. I am talking about different breeds that when put into the same room they speak completely different languages, even when everyone is only speaking English. What breed will you be? #theindiechicks #personality #charactertraits #quiz #findout

    Let’s not kid ourselves: a big part of our lives is dedicated to being attractive to the opposite sex. While many of us have unique qualities that draw men in, there’s something to be said about the irresistible charm of a badass chick. What makes men love a badass chick? Click through to learn the top 9 reasons men love a badass chick!

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