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TJ Lubrano, her brush strockes are creative, whimsical and just Magical!

Work in progress - artist's book 2012 - detail by Louisa Boyd #tree #art

Artists Hari Deepti create intricate illustrations by cutting and layering sheets of paper, then adding LED light. In plain white light, they’re ethereal, when illuminated, they’re magical.

Giraffe Art Signed Print from an original watercolour painting by artist Maria Moss.

Street Art- from Street Art Utopia if we could only harness our grafitti artist talents

Josh Agle (Shag)

1000drawings: Photo

Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Ink 2013 Drawing "reminisce(SOLD)"

Alexander Korzer-Robinson

7 Cardinal Rules For Life. I’m one of those people that tend to post a large amount of inspirational quotes and memes on my Facebook page. I’m not posting them as a veil, I really am that annoyingly optimistic and positive. The other day I posted a meme called “7 Cardinal Rules For Life” and it seemed to really resonate with my followers. Hopefully, it’ll inspire you to live by them as well! #theindiechicks #rules #life #quotes #quotestoliveby #cardinalrules #advice #motivation #inspiration

Kick ass women who started their own online business just to HELP YOU with your social media marketing. Check them out at The Indie Chicks.

No One is Going to Do It For You! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop craving a life that isn’t yours. Stop crying yourself to sleep. You, I’m talking to you. Stop waiting to be discovered; stop waiting for someone to pick you out of the meaningless crowd to change your life. It’s your life, if you want something, get your ass up and go get it - no one is going to do it for you.

5 Ways to Break Through Stress! Our Co-Founder, Renee, helps you beat stress with some great tips. I can personally vouch for these and often utilize #1! #theindiechicks #stress #abetteryou #health #sanity

yummy art from TJ Lubrano!

7 Things No One Tells You about Being Confident. Everyone wants to know how to be more confident, right? You want the kind of confidence that makes you want to flash a smile in the mirror before walking out of the house. Confidence is a big deal. We push it through and through for our Indie Chicks and while there’s nothing wrong with a boost of it, there are a few things worth noting that no one tells you about being confident. #theindiechicks #confidence #badass #fearless #truth

Chapter Structure In Your Novel: Write A Novel They Won't Put Down. Aside from a great plot and relatable characters, chapter structure in your novel is a make or break thing. It’s something your readers don’t think about but it impacts the way they read your book and that means it’s something worthy of your time and attention. I know you didn’t spend all that time working on a novel to have it put down and forgotten, did you? Let’s make your novel a page turning juggernaut. #TheIndieChicks

33 Ways to Stay Creative

The Power of No! At The Indie Chicks

Tips for tattoos at The Indie Chicks.

10 Signs He's a Keeper. Nothing says keeper like a guy who lets you be yourself. Today +Chrystal Rose breaks down how she knew her man was a keeper and how you can know if yours is, too. #relationships #dating #datingadvice #datingtips #marriage #love #loveandsex #hesakeeper #keeper #hestheone #ishetheone #theindiechicks #advice #tips #howto

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