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    • Amanda Stroud

      Back porch: no teak, mahogany, or ipe for me. Beautiful reclaimed heart pine instead.

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    It looks so much bigger now!

    All the world's a stage.

    All I want for my birthday is a privacy panel...and a picket fence.

    Ack, naked!

    The garage is getting quite ful.

    Back porch: no teak, mahogany, or ipe for me. Beautiful reclaimed heart pine instead.

    Now all it needs is a bit of paint. Plus a chair, table, something funky to go on the wall, etc.

    Back porch: cupping is terrible thing when it comes to flooring. Have I mentioned I hate water.

    MY porch, aka the back porch.

    Well at least the patch on the front porch has held up all these years...

    Front Porch: this is also how the Grand Canyon was made.

    One big tile pattern for the lattice panel, 16 tiles of these for the lattice panel or not this pattern at all because it doesn't go with the house?

    Does it look weird if only one side is blocked with a panel?

    See more double columns/porch posts.

    You can tell it's an open book right? The blue is the cut out area.

    The guys that are going to do my "fretwork"panels once I make a final decision on the design.

    A is the coolest letter in the alphabet.

    Art Nov.

    Who knew it was so hard finding an ornate but simple capital A?

    Or do I go with a tin panel? Note: there's a tin ceiling in the living room, a framed tin panel in the foyer, one used as a ceiling medallions in the kitchen and two used as ceiling medallions for the porch lights?

    This is the idea I'm going for in a center panel but not a tulip--not that there's anything wrong with tulips.

    Thinking of going with this on the front porch (oily heart pine), laid out like a random width floor. It's actually rather inexpensive all things considered

    Well at least the section underneath the porch roof looks nice right???

    My poor sad front porch :(

    My originial idea was these: 6" corner, middle and corner with half columns against the side of the house. They don't work for me as doubles as they look too chunky.