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    I could actually see that happening.

    So true!

    Aww this is so sweet

    Aladdin. Only one of the most quotable (pretty sure I failed at spelling that.....) Disney movies ever!

    Shake It Up? Austin and Ally? Dog Who Can Blog? What has happened, Disney???

    Have you ever noticed that at the end of "A Whole New World", Aladdin and Jasmine are at the Forbidden Palace with fireworks going off. What if it was the same night Mulan saved China. ----I BELIEVE IT IS!

    had to happen, really had to happen.

    57 Things You Never Knew About Disney Princesses not sure all of these are true but cool all the same

    here we have Simba looking at the drawing of himself. Its from Disney's the lion king movie

    Jessica Wax


    Aladdin! HAHA



    Someone in Disney has a great sense of humor....There's actually a LOT of these types of scenes in Disney Movies! I love re-watching them just to look for the hidden stuff I missed the first time! Makes kid movies entertaining for grown ups, too!

    Happily Ever After - Disney Films, What Happened Next

    The Real Age Of Disney Princesses. I'm now thoroughly creeped out by Snow White, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty; worry seriously about Ariel's ...


    WTF = We're True Friends ... haha! pillow

    real-life Disney