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Baby picture each month with stats

since i've been bad at documenting DURING pregnancy, i hope i can be this good when the bub is here!

6 month picture ideas... Tab!!!

LOVE this idea!


Love This at like 6 months old babe... @Cheyanne Kopera

The paper from the day of birth

cute baby pictures

mom and baby

every baby should have a book like this. LOVE this! :) $35

baby picture ideas

Cute 6 month baby photo

First year pictures #baby #birthday

Take a photo right after your baby falls asleep on the night before his birthday. Then you can add this picture to his baby book with the caption: Tonight my little one fell asleep as an 11-month-old… tomorrow he will wake up as a one-year-old! This is guaranteed to become a beloved traditional photo you take every year on the eve of your child’s birthday.

6 month baby picture ideas

Very cool...tattoos and the pic..cute Daddy baby pic idea

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Newborn photo taken with the baby laying on the Oh, the Places You'll Go Dr. Suess book.