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Okay, so I literally just sat and watched this whole video, somebody tell me, does this work?? What does it involve??

Fitness : Take Care of Your Body, it's the only place you have to live.

what fat looks like This makes me want to throw up just a little but also good visual.

65 ideas on losing weight and staying healthy. some really good tips on here.

It's really hard to bulk up as a woman, rather, building muscle will make your body an efficient machine to burn the fat:)

This looks like it would kill me. 30 Minute Own Body Weight Tabata Workout. Body-weight workouts are the best because you can pretty much do them anywhere. Your living room, hotel rooms, the beach, your backyard, a gym…they go where you go. CLICK on the image for more details!

How To Make a Weight Loss Smoothie | {This is an EXCELLENT resource full of great information that is adaptable to all types of smoothies! "You need to have a clear idea WHY you're making a smoothie in order to control what ingredients you're adding and how much you're making.}

The science of weight loss Love this...Shaklee puts the $ into the R&D not the hype & is published in over 90 peer review journals! Facts!

Check out the world’s most effective weight loss program. NO risk, and EVERYTHING to gain – except weight!

Fat Blasting Belly Sculpting Workout--a 4 minute fat blaster that burns fat for up to 24 hours!

The ultimate answer to weightloss