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Phteven? Is that you Phteven??

Phteven? Is that you Phteven?? Took me a minute. Then I laughed so hard I peed a little.

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only a few more days of Shark attention! #SharkWeek

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Interpreting airline safety guidelines

wil never look at this the same

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Merlin Monroe

MERLIN! bahaha, merlin monroe! Who comes up with this stuff!?

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Can't...stop...laughing!! Okay sorry guys I'm in a cat mood and my mom is literally looking at me like I've grown three heads because I'm laughing so hard at cat pictures!!

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Not sure if broken or not it broken??

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English Class

LOL I always thought this in school...



Owlet.....Moist Owlet! (From my good friend Jaime....I support her right to be a crazy cat lady, she supports my bad pun addiction)

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When someone I don't like laughs at my joke

lolol every time.

Hey, look, a rainbow! Let's go get the pot of gold at the end of it...........never mind.

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Email: 10 Years Ago vs. Now [Comic]

Mails VS Emails And the winner is... This is so true! I get more excited to check my real mail than I do my inbox!

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That awkward moment when a turtle is a better dancer than you


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Mechanic Win!

FedEx mechanics have an awesome sense of humor. - no idea if this is true but it always makes me giggle. especially the last one.

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Poor t-rex

(I think it meant "put on a hat" but it still made me giggle) Everytime i'm sad...