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@Lauren Murray's F in it's natural habitat. milano.


An entry from note to self


Black Couple Love Art | black and white, couple, love - inspiring picture on

Julie Leah: A life & style blog: Semi -Wordless Wednesday: Romance & Rendezvous

(Open rp, be him) I walk around the dark streets of the city. I love it out here. The peace and quiet, the solitude, everything. I sing softly along to my music, my white ear buds covered by my light blonde hair. I feel an arm grab me, and a hand covers my mouth with a rag. Darkness clouds my vision, and I feel my legs give out. I'm vaguely aware of footsteps sprinting over. "Leave her alone!" My best friend screams as I lay on the pavement.

500px / Photo "Til the End of Days" by Javier de la I have no idea where this is, but this picture is hauntingly beautiful.

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An entry from note to self

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let's go camping numai cu -paza contra incendiilor

Canoeing past snow is one of the most beautiful experiences. #WinterTravel #Canoeing #FamilyTrip #Adventure #TravelOrg