Number Line Game

number patterns

Number Puzzles in the Bag - great for one more, ten more understanding number

Math Coach's Corner: What Comes Between? The task is to decide which number can go in place of the ?, and the strategy is to put the numbers in order, creating a number line. You can easily adapt this activity for smaller or larger numbers.

Let's Record Teen Numbers! Freebie for helping your students understand how to record teen numbers several ways!

Number Lines

Number of the Day for Math Journals!

fractions flip book-- cut each page into the fraction and have kids label accordingly-- great to teach parts of a whole & equivalent fractions

Comparing and Ordering Numbers- get out of your seat game

Great idea for a quick math game to play with my kids!

Adding 3 Numbers centers and worksheets

Math Routine to begin class - use with bigger numbers, decimals, fractions EVERY DAY.

Place Value Game - What a simple but practical game.

Decomposing numbers with dominoes - start with a number in a circle and have students place the dominoes that add up to that number

I Spy: Number Line by Mrs. Lemons

Number of the day- calendar

Math anchor chart

Perimeter Song

Multiplication strategies foldable(equal groups, array, repeated addition, skip counting, and number lines)

Here's a great idea for having students decorate their math notebooks with numbers that are important to them.

Anchor Chart- I think this would be great as flaps and under the flaps have a collage or drawings of things that are whole, half, etc.