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    China reveals a new stealth warplane prototype -- just as the U.S. Defense Secretary is set to arrive.
    September 16, 2012
    David Axe

    Questions Abound as China Unveils Another Stealth Jet

    • Paul Robinson

      Chinese Shenyang J-31 Fighter. Twin-engine fifth generation fighter jet, often referred to as the Falcon Hawk, Falcon Eagle, or F-60.

    • Myrna Trauntvein

      Twenty-one months after China’s Chengdu aerospace firm unveiled its J-20 jet fighter prototype — Beijing’s first stealth warplane — the rival Shenyang company has revealed what appears to be a competing, radar-evading plane.

    • Bruce Craig

      J-21/J31 - High resolution photo of China's 601 Aircraft Design Institute/Shenyang Aircraft Corporation's new Fourth Generation Jet fighter (31001) that has been long rumored.

    • Stephen Hunt Fandom

      China’s Chengdu aerospace firm unveiled its J-20 jet fighter prototype — Beijing’s first stealth warplane

    • Robert Newman

      Chinese new stealth fighter from Shenyang the F-60 which appears to be similar to US F-22.

    • Matthew Mulholland

      Leaked Photos Show a New Chinese Fifth Generation Stealth Jet Fighter

    • Thomas George

      China should allow potential overseas buyers to learn more details of the FC-31 or Shenyang J-31, the nation's second fifth-generation stealth fighter designed by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, writes the Kanwa Defense Review, a Chinese-language military magazine based in Canada. The fighter that was displayed at the Zhuhai Airshow in Guangdong last year featured an additional electro-optical targeting system below its nose. Like Lockheed Martin's F-35, the FC-31 is designed as a joint strike aircraft that can carry out aerial combat and ground attack missions. With beyond visual strike ability, it does not matter if the fighter's RD33 engines do not allow it to operate at supersonic speeds, the piece said.

    • Left Seat West

      The new Chinese stealth fighter, believed to be the J-21.

    • Konrad Ilgner

      Questions Abound as China Unveils Another Stealth Jet

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