Letter to parents about Math Fact practice

Math Facts Can be Fun! 8 strategies and games to help kids remember math facts

Math Facts Contract.... i like how this shows different ways to practice at home...could change this to multiplication

End of the year letter to parents...What parent wouldn't love to get this from their child's teacher!!!!

This is a fun activity that students can complete using any vocabulary or spelling words, or just while reading a book!  They get points for finding words that they can reduce, or for lower grades words that have 1/2!  They can play against someone or do it for a sponge activity:)

Math fact practice games for school or home

ORF - letter to parents

Math About Me

parent letter to fill out about their child

5th Grade Alabama Common Core Math

math fact study log

Real Teachers..

Reader's Workshop Parent Education Letters

Calendar Math Ideas for 4th and 5th grade.

Use these apps as a fun way to practice math skills, whether you are at home or in the classroom!

How to use the Common Core 8 Math Practice Standards. Introduce each new standard by looking at it through these...


Good to include in the "Meet the Teacher" packet.....Tips for helping your child with Math. Free downloads from Fun in First

Cute Median, Mean, Mode, and Range Hey diddle diddle, the median's in the middle, you add and divide for the mean, The mode is the one that appears the most, and the range is the difference between!

Two free Mental Math pages….Love this! Kids need to do so much more mental math computation!!