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The King and Odie Show - The adventures of good King Leonardo, the ruler of the mythical kingdom of Bongo-Congo and his ever faithful companion Odie Cologne, a skunk who was the real brains behind the throne.

Style we DON'T miss -- Rat tails (1980s)...And these are still walking around today! SMH

there sure were a lot of great shampoos back in the 70's!!

Underdog, 1964. Biggie Rat.

Catalog page showing the Tammy's Delightful Family concept (from left: Tammy, Dad, Mom, Sister Pepper, and Brother Ted dolls), from that year's Sears Christmas Wish Book, United States, 1963, published by Sears, Roebuck & Co. Although Pedigree Toys in the UK would license the concept and molds for Tammy for their 1963-64 Sindy doll, the family concept would be largely abandoned and these molds would not be replicated in any of the foreign versions of Tammy created under license from Ideal.

Mild-mannered Tooter Turtle, voiced by Allen Swift, lived out his fantasies through the sorcery of Mr. Wizard, the Lizard of the Great Forest (voiced by Frank Milano).

Janet and Michael Jackson. Love how they were so young. Reminds me of me and Isaiah as kids. Minus all the money and fame! Lol!

Jonny Quest... I loved this show. Very realistic... with a little bit of politic content.

My hero in 1960, with a Casper jack-in-the box, Casper guitar and soon to follow dog with the same name...