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Magic Sand - I had this exact one. I loved playing with this stuff and I loved the bottle it was in.

Jaws game!!!! I forgot all about this.

I had a Jaws game as a kid in 1976, not long after it was introduced in stores. Fun to play, if nerve-wracking!

I sooo remember one like this hanging on the clothes line, holding the clothes pins.

Monchichi Monchichi your so soft and cuddly! (this was my favorite toy as a kid- until his hair came off)

Sad part is I remember this ad like it was yesterday. 1975

Jaws game from the 70s. My brother had this game. I had fun with it too.

1975 Sears Catalog - grooming the Herb Tarleks of the future.

1960's Vintage Ideal Tammy's sister Pepper doll

Battleship - I can see my dad and brother and mom too playing this game! Board games are still the best. Sorry, modern tech.

1975 Mattel Baby Brother Tenderlove anatomically correct doll.

1975 Parker Brothers Canada Catalog - Page 07 by JasonLiebig, via Flickr