How to Make Flan in a Jar- the perfect dessert for the holidays!

Mini Chocolate Cream Pies - so good! Perfect for parties!

The Perfect Flan - “You Can Make This and You Will Love This” said a friend who claims she can’t cook. Serve a Taco Salad or Taco Soup with this for dessert if you want to get rave reviews!

Brazilian Coconut Flan (Quindao) - Hispanic Kitchen

Nutella and Strawberry Wontons - fresh strawberries and nutella paired together in a little wonton wrapper, then fried to perfection. Delicious!


Almost Instant Noodle Jar | ~ #nocook #noodles #ricenoodles

WHOA. Find out how to make the perfect cookie! Ever wondered why cookies can be chewy, crisp, soft, flat, thick, moist or crumbly? Use this as a guide to make perfect cookies based on your personal preference!

23 Muddy Buddies Recipes! Puppy Chow is an easy snack mix that is perfect for dessert or gifting!

Woah, this sounds serious ... Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patty Fudge | | #peppermint #fudge

Neapolitan Cheesecake Brownies - Layers of brownie, cream cheese and strawberry make these perfect bite size dessert ideas.

Turtle Flan #chocolate #caramel

Strawberry Meringues

When it’s patio weather, nothing beats a cold margarita— except margarita pie. This easy dessert’s perfect combination of creamy, sweet and tart – from Philadelphia Cream Cheese, condensed milk and fresh lemon juice - makes for an afternoon delight come spring or summer.

Västerbottensost Pie // Swedish cheese pie. This looks like perfect fall comfort food!

50-OPEN AND EAT jar recipes. Gifts, picnics, car trips?

Torte Egyptian: hazelnuts, whipped cream, and creamy vanilla filling -- what's not to love?

EASY Key Lime Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Cups | no bake cheesecake filling nestled in soft sugar cookie dough cups made from pre-made cookie dough – doesn’t get much simpler or delicious! Perfect for any occasion, like Easter or baby/bridal showers!. #cookiecups #keylime #keylimecheesecake #cheesecake #easter

One of the best desserts... ever.

Pillsbury pie dough is cut into bite sized circles and filled with homemade lemon curd. Perfect little pies for spring!