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"Healthy self-esteem definition and real life examples. Plus how to achieve healthy self-esteem so you feel better about yourself."

Targets of abuse are made to feel ashamed about every aspect of themselves. Their talents and weaknesses, their bodies, their sexuality... here are some tips from Dove's self-esteem project to boost you low self-esteem

10 Small Ways to Build Self-Esteem

The most important relationship that I have is with myself. Are you friends with yourself? Do you like yourself? When I went to rehab, my answer to both of

Read aloud: "I am strong..I am confident...I am happy..I am amazing..I am great..I am healthy..I am unique..I am special..I am gifted..I am loved..I am loveable..I am joyous..I am fabulous..I am wonderful...I am ME!" (now, believe it! ♥) ☀️

"How do you stop feeling insecure and start feeling confident? Discover simple tools to stop feeling insecure and build self-esteem.."