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This is why I love scuba diving!

Synchronized swimming

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Taking a dip ~~ OMG. This photo makes me dream. And want to book a ticket immediately. #PinUpLive

Calvin and Hobbes -- Holy amazing! You never actually realize how HUGE these animals are when you see them on pictures. Just look at the paws! Seriously awe-inspiring. Look at that tiger's face. He is sooooo happy. I would give anything to have a tiger hug me. Must be the most amazing feeling in the world!



love sweet love - Most Amazing Photography...



SPEAK OUT! HELP STOP DEADLY SEISMIC TESTING OFF THE EASTERN COAST! The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management released a report that allows for seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean off the Eastern Coast of the U.S. Seismic testing will survey the underwater landscape for possible drilling zones. However, these intense underwater seismic air gun blasts will threaten and kill marine life, specifically endangered whales and dolphins. PLZ Sign & Share Widely!

in my opinion, orcas/killer whales are the most beautiful creatures on earth

Omggg!!! This is awesome!!!

Awesome Shot! by Bryce Bradford

Scuba Diving with Whales!

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Seahorse Birth, Amazing!