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groen | green | vert | grün | verde | 緑 | color | colour | texture | style | form |

#JackWills Spring Green #GREENSHOOTS Green lights. Bright eyes. Faith and trust. Illusions do change into reality. That's what I see. That's why I love it.

'in' nature I am Different - women-s-world women-s-world

The figure known as the Green Man is a god of vegetation and plant life. He symbolizes the life that is found in the natural plant world, and in the earth itself.

bellisimo! Wouldn't it be great fun to be able to paint something this color? Probably wouldn't fly in the Boise development where we live...

Polly Products values sustainability! All of our products are made of 100% recycled plastic! For a more eco-friendly world visit www.pollyproducts...

this reminds me of depression glass.. which I love... does anyone know?

There are more shades of green recognised by the human eye than any other colour in the spectrum.