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Guanabana The best tasting exotic fruit, and also known to be 10,000 times powerful than Cemo. A cancer killer!

Chirimoya my favorite fruit from Chile (error: PERU).. so sweet and yummy :)

Chirimoyas, or "the fruit of the gods", as the Spanish people called them when first arriving to Peru

Carambola (or Star) Fruit. These unripened (green) star fruit look great in the photo, but I wouldn't recommend eating them that way, unless you like eating mouth-puckeringly sour fruit. Lol. I'd advise waiting until they ripen (i.e., turn a bright yellow color) to bring out their sweetness.

Quinoa mixed fruit salad. This can be eaten as a snack, for breakfast or on the go. A great healthy alternative. #glutenfree #vegan #cleaneating

Rose Apple Fruits. my grandpa had a tree in the old backyard, the best time of the year was when we could eat these

One of our favorite things about summer in India - Lychees! Kinda like a grape with citrus overtones wrapped in wet leathery dinosaur skin....hard to explain but eating as many as we can right now:) #lychee

Passion fruit. I was a lucky child. The vines grew through trees in the Kenya garden and I climbed up to get them. The best fruit, no question.

Fuyu persimmons. These can be eaten right away. They won't tie up your mouth with tannins like Hachiya persimmons. Hachiya persimmons have to become incredibly soft and squishy ripe in order to be eaten. Fuyu persimmons can be eaten like apples, skin and all. These are very addictive and I eat these like mad when they are in season.