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Yes, this is precious. Would I have tackled that dog in frame three? You bet!

Curiosity ~ it will last an entire lifetime !

Bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath. Hellooooo ladiesss!

"Bath Time". I absolutely love this photo with his tussled, soapy hair. Almost every kid at some point has sat in the bath with soapy hair, completely engrossed in imaginative water-play. To me, this photo captures the innocence of childhood. ~Skye

Not all bears are created one color, there's brown, white/cream,'s almost like humans, huh, imagine not creating everything one color...get out the brown box, is full of color, enjoy the variety.

Please let me have a cookie...please! *Cutest photo ever!

Why is this cute?! here to find out more

My former boss' s pup is his model, "She loves our Landshark Spa Gift Set"

Debbie Gotkowski Schueler CUTE! I thought maybe some of your little dogs might look cute in this. LOL!

My newest fur baby! Norwegian Forest Cat. We just picked him up yesterday he's 8 weeks old. Haven't picked out a name yet still getting to know his purrsonality! !