cuttest lil butts

It's good to know they also have that "it's 4pm on Friday" feeling.

lol! That's what my dogs look like when they get a bath!

A Newborn Nap

When you're a lil bigger will take you out there and show you the ropes kid!

:) this just makes me smile....

I'm pretty sure white boxers could hold their own in "cutest dog contest". A face like this one is why we have 3 dogs instead of 2.

Bath Time!

Omg!! Cutest pug ever!!!


Will have to have a picture of the pups with the little one: Bichon Frise, Dogs Pets, Baby Dogs, Pets Friends, Best Friend

they are the best w/ children.

i heart butts

Not gonna do it!

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This is so cute!!


I'm a wiener.

i don't really like chihuahuas, but i can't not pin a smiling dog :)