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    cuttest lil butts

    Looks just like my Squish Well then your Squish us A-DOR-ABLE, and love him or her!!! Cute name I love telling Soph shes my squishy lil missy!!! LOL! -ks

    cat cat cat

    OMG! This is the cutest EVER!!!

    is my bath ready?

    Even dogs Pray at night.

    nap time for everybody

    Cute lil puppy butts :)

    “Is my lil’ pupstache gonna be wet forever?!” | 24 Adorable Puppies Getting Their First Bath

    sweet BIG baby!!

    Puppy butt


    Batman in training

    for Teri!

    The cutest dog ever

    Bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog then laugh your butt off till their next bath! bbwwahahaha

    lil' petunia & her kittens

    So cute bulldog and baby butts. Nothing cuter

    singin' in the tub.

    So where have you both been?....haha