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Spanish songs for kids: a short, fun song to help teach kids to conjugate ER and IR verbs in Spanish. Also has food vocabulary in Spanish. Spanish Grammar song.

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5 Great Spanish YouTube Channels for Kids

5 Great Spanish YouTube Channels for Kids: Spanish videos for kids with activities, Spanish songs, crafts, stories and cartoons. #SpanishYoutube #Spanishsongs for kids #Spanish kids songs #Spanish childrens songs

Calico Spanish YouTube Videos - Students can practice key Spanish phrases with clear visuals to learn what to do in key situations. This series will include videos on introductions, telephone manners, asking how to say things, and more.

Spanish videos for kids: ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Me gusta + Inf.; Conversational exchange with me/te gusta. Clear audio and common Spanish vocabulary. #Learning Spanish #Teaching Spanish