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8 Tools Women Carry That Every Prepper Should Have - While it may be hard for a man to explain why he has lotion, a makeup mirror, and a tampon in his bug out bag, the utility of those items is hard to deny. He would also be prepared for everyday situations which may call for the use of those.

When most people put there bug out bags together they get the basics. They pack rope, knives,a tent, some matches and maybe a gun. But most people forget the little things that could end being the difference…

99 Bug Out Bag Gear Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of - Have you thought of everything for your bug out bag? This article will almost definitely give you some freakin' awesome ideas for what you should have in your bug out bag that you haven’t though of yet.

The Prepper’s Guide to Winter Survival

Winter is here, and we will never know what will happen next. In case of any SHTF situation, these ultimate guide to winter preparedness are proven to be helpful, not just for prepper's but for the entire family. Check out the full tips and tricks at :

52 Prepper's Projects for Parents and Kids: A Book by David Nash

A project a week to help prepare your child for the unpredictable. By David Nash. 215 page paperback. Teach your children: basic outdoor survival skills, first aid, how to create a bug out bag, foragi More

Bug Out Bags for Women

Bug Out Bags for Women | Outdoor Survival and Preparedness Ideas by Survival Life at

By Carmela Tyrell - SurvivoPedia There is no question that the decision to live off the grid will present many challenges, as will bugging out to a survival group or other safe location. Interestin...