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I usually won't repost half naked girls but I am so sick of all you ladies envying girls whose thighs don't touch. Curvy is healthy.

This is from the slut walk. One of the arguments is that girls ask for rape because they wear slutty clothes, short skirts, tight, low-cut tops. This girl is an example of the fact that rape victims can look like anyone, you, me, this girl. Rapists. Dont. Discriminate.

we all need a bagel every once and a while (and that's OK!)

Seeing the model on the left's emaciated form next to the curves and softness of the model to the right, I pause to wonder: WHO decided that lovely, normal, beautiful girls aren't sexy? Who DECIDED that boys and men should pant for the incredibly small percentage of women whose bodies are like the model on the left? Not MY man or any other man i know! Whoever they were, I call "Bullshit!" Were they trying to make us weaker? Women were demanding rights, so someone decided to influence society ...

The cover of Rolling Stone featuring Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, Jon Hamm & Christina Hendricks was photographed in Bigbox at SMASHBOX by photographer Robert Trachtenberg.

Jennifer is a role model! More girls should aspire to look like this..healthy with curves!

It's impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying.

christina hendricks