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Diatomaceous Earth is a super-fine dust that kills by abrading and dehydrating crawling insects. It controls slugs, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, and other crawling insects without the use of chemicals.

garden art from junk | Garden Art/Garden Junk/Garden Decor / sculpture from Flea Market ...

Eggshells make a wonderful, organic pesticide. Works to kill Japanese beetles, flea beetles, snails, slugs, and other pests in the garden. And it's FREE! {Eggs shells also add calcium, that helps prevent blossom end rot}

Idea from the May Flea Off Market. 2 Pallets painted, stacked on top of each other, and fastened to a wall. Bags are fastened to the pallets for plants. The bottom of the stack is filled with dirt, etc as well. Easy to do and looks really cool. yard-garden-diy

Myra's sensational salvaged garden | Flea Market Gardening

Flea Market Makeovers for the Outdoors: Projects & Ideas Using Flea Market Finds & Recycled Bargain Buys. With a little creativity, inexpensive castoffs and bargain furniture can be turned into charming and stylish furnishings for your favourite outdoor living spaces.

DIY homemade recipe to refinish furnitures. Hitting a good yard sale or flea market and finding great old furniture is such fun. The problem however, is in refinishing that furniture. This method is all natural!

bottle edging/ butterfly watering stations/ use screw-on top bottles w/ hole poked in them as deep root irrigation

red water pump - I have a friend who used an antique pump and a wood barrel tub to make a water feature in their front yard. Very cute.

Old Well. Memories of Childhood! **When I was very little, I remember going to visit my Great Uncle in the country and having to go outside to pump the water so we could have a drink. His pump was bright red. The enamel bucket was kept on the kitchen counter with a ladle hanging on a hook on the side of the bucket. For a little girl from a BIG city, it was fun. It was hard work though for a 3-5 year old**

The Whimsical Gardener: Glimpses of a Spring Garden~Some Favorite Shots